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September 2013
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5 Reasons Malta is the Perfect Place for a Holiday

September 19, 2013   

So you’re looking for a place to go on holiday and you want a mix of sun, sea and sand along with some cultured days in beautiful cities. You want to laze around and escape the daily strain of 9 to 5, but you also want to stretch your legs with some fun activities. http://bazthegreatsite.com/5-reasons-malta-perfect-place-holiday/ http://bazthegreatsite.com/5-reasons-malta-perfect-place-holiday/Where could possibly fit the bill for this kind of requirement? A holiday in Malta will be perfect for you.

Why Malta? Below are 5 reasons why Malta is the perfect place for your holidays:


For those wanting to get away from it all and put their feet up Malta is perfect. Beautiful beaches, fantastic hotels with amazing pools – it’s packed with great places to lie back and soak up the sun.


Holiday accommodation in Malta is everywhere and available to suit all budgets. Cheap apartments, luxury villas and quaint old farmhouses all offer an amazing alternative to hotels if you fancy something different.


Those you like to play and learn will have no problem finding wonderful old buildings and facts to discover in a country which is packed with historical significance that you may or may not know about.

Cathedral Mdina


As well as its beaches, Malta also has stunning cities which will keep you busy exploring for as long as you want. Valletta and Mdina are full of beautiful cobbled streets which wind between architectural wonders.

Discover more at www.maltaholidays.uk.com


Want to get active? No problem, Malta has that covered too. Head to Gozo to do some scuba diving and discover the underwater world. Fancy something on dry land? No worries, get a bike and cycle around the rugged coastline that stretches for miles around this fantastic archipelago.

5 Tips When Buying Worldwide Travel Insurance

September 4, 2013   

Buying travel insurance had always been an activity fraught with confusion and misunderstanding. You end up travelling without knowing which activities you are covered for, which countries you are covered in and what happens if you need to claim. This is more important than ever when going on a round the world trip, where getting the best worldwide travel insurance policy is crucial as you are likely to be away from home for a long time.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you get what you need out of your worldwide travel insurance policy:


Make sure you are covered for the countries you are going to. Some travel insurance policies will only cover certain territories so if you are going to more unusual destinations then check they’re on the list.

best worldwide travel insurance


If you plan on going bungee jumping, horse riding, skiing or any other activity whilst on your trip then you need to make sure you have sufficient coverage for that. Many policies will need to you pay an extra premium to be covered.

This site has some good info on these points – www.navigatortravel.co.uk

Current Cover

You might have some fantastic travel insurance cover included in your home insurance or another policy. Make sure you don’t double up unnecessarily.

Store Details Safely

If you’ve been carrying a backpack around for 6 months you might forget where your travel insurance info is stored or find it crumpled at the bottom of your bag. Make sure you look after it, it could be crucial if you find yourself in a foreign hospital.

Speak to Experts

Travel insurance is complicated so it makes sense to ask the experts. Speak to various travel insurance companies and ask lots of questions. Eventually you should get a good idea who is telling the truth and what you really need for your trip.


5 Places Not Worth Visiting on Your Holidays

September 3, 2013   

Most people spend their time on their blogs telling you about how amazing travel is and the best places to visit in the world. Half of that is bull. The world isn’t all fantastic, some of it is pretty horrible and not worth visiting. I won’t be pulling any punches.

Here are 5 places not worth getting on the plane for…


This place is on the border of Peru and Ecuador. People talk about it being an amazing beach destination. It isn’t. The beach isn’t all that and all the bars and cloaked in cockroaches. Give it a miss.


If Los Angeles is on your list of places to visit in the States don’t bother. It’s all dirty and full of tramps. Go South instead to San Diego or North to San Fran.


If you’ve got bottomless pockets and don’t mind getting done over every time you buy a drink then Dublin’s great. If not then you’re not gonna like it. The Guinness factory isn’t all that, otherwise there’s not much else on offer.


See above. Minus the Guinness bit. domain mentions It doesn’t even have much culture to fall back on or funny Irish fellas.



Go to the Pyramids and you’ll be amongst a lot of rubbish flying around. It isn’t the picture postcard it’s made out to be. http://bazthegreatsite.com/5-places-not-worth-visiting-on-your-holidays/ http://bazthegreatsite.com/5-places-not-worth-visiting-on-your-holidays/The resorts aren’t up to much. Head over to Morocco or Turkey instead.